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Sushil Adhikari

Thanks for letting me know it’s for Preference. As a side note, anything that is related to a specific theme, there are forum categories named after each theme. For Preference, you would post it in the Preference theme….which I’ve moved this topic to now.

When creating a price list layout in a page, I will use my demo site for an example here…first thing is to go to your “text” view of your page editor (so we can add html code). To start, you need a container which will be this:


The three dots you see above is where you will add your actual price list coding for each column. So for my demo site, this is the first column code:

  • Standard
  • $1999/month
  • 3 Free Themes
  • 3 Pro Themes
  • 3 Months Email Support
  • Video Tutorials
  • Free Theme Updates

That is the first column, so for the other two, I would simply paste that same code two more times to get me 3 columns of price packages because 3 columns with a class of span4 equals 12 (note that this theme has a 12 column layout grid. Each price column is using the span4 class will give us 3 columns. If you wanted 4 columns, you would paste a total of 4 instances of the code above and change the class to span3 because 4 x span3 = 12 grid layout columns. (a bit techy I know).

Try the above and then simply replace the content with your own, but make sure that your price columns (all of them) are inside that div container that has a class of “row”.