Reply To: Pricing Tables Link

Tony Foster


Have just walked down the same dead end road as Shawn.. and then read this thread.

So thanks to you both for helping me solve the problem of getting the button to link to my contact page, here is the code I now have, by using the combination of applying and index with a .php extension and changing target to href … job done!

As a beginner, thought an actual example of the code may help another beginner who visits later.

ps. As a learner I did not know how to understand what type of index extensions my wordpress pages are. so after a bit of googling uploaded a plugin called debug bar, its for clever developers and probably a bit of an overkill, but hey ho it told me I was using pages that have a .php extension

Thanks for the support forum.. jobs a good un

  • September
  • £ 550/week
  • 3 Free Themes
  • 3 Pro Themes
  • 3 Months Email Support
  • Video Tutorials
  • Free Theme Updates
  • October
  • £ 350/week
  • Saturday changeover
  • Wednesday changeover
  • Arrival ready 14.00
  • Departure Day vacate10.30
  • 30% deposit