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Sushil Adhikari

It’s a tricky area to work with, but one note that if you want to have 3 columns of elements, including the logo, you want to make sure the containers side-by-side are coded correctly based on how the Bootstrap framework works…right now your header area looks like this:

Dedicated to the Treatment of Patients
Seeking Weight Loss Surgery
Call to schedule your
consultation today


You have some nested div’s which is causing the issues because they should be fluid. Judging from the visual design of the top header, you need 3 columns. Right now the container is using a div with a class of “col-md-12” which means it’s a full width container and with your own nested columns (containers). To utilize the bootstrap responsive structure, and to use nested columns, you may want to refer to this:


What you are trying to do is a little code intensive because of the changes you need to make, but refer to the bootstrap guide and especially about nested columns.