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Sushil Adhikari

I have a “beta” version of Celestial Reloaded that lets you show the WordPress Header on all pages or just the front page. I also replaced the banner curved graphic image with a CSS 3 version which actually offers more flexibility and also solves the problem if someone changes the content area background colour. With an image, it doesn’t change colour, whereas the CSS 3 can so it matches the content area.

For the WP Header request, I had to recode the complete showcase and banner widget area so there might be some changes you will notice. Settings to display the WP Header on every page are found by going to Appearance >> Customize >> Header Image

Contact me by going to the Support page and at the bottom, click on Email Support, and I will send you this beta test version if you want to test this out. I should also mention that before you use this new one, make a backup copy of your current theme in case something doesn’t go right.