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Sushil Adhikari

I’ve added the front page group file here:

An FTP program is something you use to upload files to where a website is located. For me, I use WS_Ftp, but the most popular one (which is free) is called FileZilla. Your web host provider also has a type of FTP program build into the control panel when you log into your web host which is often called a File Manager. It allows you to move, delete, and upload files.

You will need one of these methods to upload the “encounters” style folder to the widgetkit plugin folder. When you use an FTP program or the file manager in your web host cpanel (control panel), you will look for this folder in the following path that looks similar to this:


In the /styles/ folder that you see in the path above, you will find the “default” style (folder). The encounters folder for the widgetkit will go where that default folder is in the /styles/ folder.

By the way, the folder you are uploading is found in the extras folder of the original download of the theme zip file. Inside that is “/extras/widgetkit/slideshow/encounters” which the encounters folder there is what you upload to the widgetkit plugin.

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