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Sushil Adhikari

Just a few things to do and then you should be ok… but to get your ftp server name, in most cases, it’s going to be your domain name but replace the www part with ftp like this: http://ftp.yoursite.com But if you run into problems, you will have to follow up with your web host provider to give you your FTP information; sometimes they have that info in your control panel for your hosting account.

Regarding your galleries, I’m assuming the dark bars in the page is where they are, but I looked at your source code and see it’s the JetPack plugin you are using. I’m also seeing a message on the page “This slideshow requires javascript”. It appears something is conflicting with your Jetpack slide gallery. If it was working recently, then you need to try and remember what you installed and activated after it was working. This is one of those disable one plugin at a time (process of elimination) to test and find which one is causing a possible conflict with the jetpack script.