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Hello’s Tanya and Styled Themes : )

This is what I was trying to do too. Maybe step by step will help you Tanja.
I also found what may be a bug, ST (below).

To add different banner images at the top of each page –

– Download and install the Dynamic Widgets plugin
– Make a note / copy of the path to your first banner image
– Click on ‘appearance’ then ‘widgets’
– On the right hand side, open the ‘Banner Header’ area
– Drag the ‘text’ widget to the ‘Banner Header’ area. It will stick there.
– Enter this code and paste in / replace the path to your banner image (into the text widget area you just dragged across)

Jack Carmichael Flooring (replace with your own path to your image)

To have it showing on the page you wish –

– In your new text widget, click at the foot of it’s screen at ‘static’ or ‘dynamic’.
– Open ‘Pages’
– Check the page you would like it to show on

Repeat steps to add more banner images.

BUG – In the end this worked for me (showed different banner images on each of my pages).

However, as I have a gallery, and could not tick on Dynamic Widgets to not show my image on the large image page of the gallery, I had on my individual large image pages 2 banners showing.

I couldn’t find a way around it so am still stuck with just one banner image showing on all pages.

Any help around this would be very much appreciated : )

Hope this helps you Tanja and good luck!