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Well, I’m using it on a Preference site and I had uninstall and reinstall after this last WP update. I know it was WidgetKit because I tried each plugin one at a time and that’s the one that was messing things up. The WidgetKit itself wasn’t working and also shifted all the remaining content on the page when I used it as a slider in the Showcase widget. I did finally get that to work.

I’ve got a different Encounters site and I’ve tried installing and uninstalling WidgetKit at least three times now and it doesn’t seem to install properly (not fully) the user interface for the plugin is all messed up and not usable. Plus (I don’t know for sure this was the cause, but it is only a problem when the WidgetKit is activated) but almost all of the widgets are showing on the website. All the Widgets available on the front page, for example. PS it makes no difference if I install it via the WordPress interface or via FTP.