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Sarah Fuller

I would also like to adjust the widths of my various columns, but as I have no experience with any coding I’m going to lay it out here like a total newbie to see if I understand this correctly…

I’m using Encounter Pro

I’ve gone Appearance > Editor

Under Table of Contents I see the following listed: 39 – Bootstrap 12 Column Grid – Responsive Queries

This leads me to think I need to go to that area to make adjustments, so I scroll down and see container width is 1170px which I take to mean the total page width?

Then I see span 12 also at 1170px which must also mean this is the total sum of all spans as each one shrinks in increments of 100px … except the first 1 which is 70 … okay, so I am getting the concept of the 12 columns, but….

How do I determine which of the 12 columns are dedicated to each of the three columns on the page (left sidebar, content, right sidebar)?

I’d like my left sidebar to be around 160px, right sidebar about 250px, and whatever is left over for the main content.

Advice please? 🙂