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Sushil Adhikari

Correct…normally the left sidebar is used for links, but if you need to equalize the width with the other, you will need to edit the page template by changing the span classes. If you change the left one to be like the right one, then your content span class has to be smaller by whatever you add to the left. This means you would end up with span4 + span4 + span4 = 12 columns (the layout). This gives you 3 equal columns. However, if you change the right sidebar from span4 to span3 to match the left one, then your content span5 will be span6 which means span3 + span6 + span3 = 12 column width. Fun hey! :whistle:

lol…had to read that twice myself to make sure I got that right.

Please note, if you make this modification, this is where the child theme comes into play so you can keep getting theme updates. So you would copy that template over to the child theme then make your changes to that one. Just make sure the template file is in the same structure as the parent theme is.