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Changing the effect to Fade removes the hanging up and reloading problem. My impression is that the first slide still sits there longer before moving to the second slide, but I’d have to get some help timing it to be sure, and it’s not that important. When the first slide hangs up, with the Ken Burns effect, it’s only when the slideshow is loading. The next time the first slide comes around, it’s fine.

I realize it’s not your responsibility to fix problems with the slideshow itself, I was just hoping someone would have already encountered this.

I’m using the Circumference style for the captions. I want both lines of the caption to look the same. This is what I used for the 2-line captions:

General Gouverneur K. Warren Monument,
Little Round Top, Gettysburg

If I need to make changes to the font weight, font size or whatever, I can do that (I assume in the caption itself) but I could use some help finding what it is I’m changing it from.