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Sushil Adhikari

Thanks for the link…ok, next thing is to find out what specifically you mean by “My website looks awful on an ipad and iphone” so that I know where to look and see if it’s content related or theme related.

Bootstrap responsive means that the theme adapts to different viewing windows, such as desktop browser, tablets, and phones.

As for the date…looks like I goofed on my tutorial. Change the date format to this: F j, Y

For your social icons…I just realized you are on Encounters 1.1…you need to update because it’s now version 1.3.6 and one of the fixes is for the social icons. To update, download the theme package, unzip it, then unzip the theme itself, then you will basically be replacing all the Encounter theme files with the new ones. But always make a copy of your current version first and download it safe to your computer desktop before you update.

You mentioned you are using a child theme…this is good. Updating the parent theme is what you will be updating. Also, if you activate the parent theme instead of the child theme (or any theme really), WordPress sees the activation as a different theme and you have to redo your options.