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im sorry, i can be extreme, it doesnt look awful. Also im sorry again, iphone format is fine, its the ipad format, it looked all over the place when i had a different home page, thats why i recently made it look exactly like ur home page on the demo, now it looks fine on ipad, expect for spacing, which i think that is content related, not theme related, the only theme related thing, i do need help with is…

Set title and tagline. I shortened it from fearless daughters ministries to fearless daughters because on ipad it looks choppy, now its fearless, next line daughter, next line ‘S” if that make sense. I think if i changed the font size, that could help. Also if I want to make the top menu white, instead of black, how can i change the set title and tagline into diff color, didnt see it on dashboard.

where do i find the file to update the theme, looked on wordpress and here, couldnt find 🙁

also if i always use a child theme, and never a parent is that ok, i didnt realize but thats what ive been doing since the beg.

thank you so much, you get back so quick, and are very helpful, thankful for that!