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Sushil Adhikari

Someone is definitely thinking about future themes….I will follow up per point below:

  1. Sticky menu…depends on the theme mostly, but it appears to be a trend in themes and I do have plans to implement that on some themes.
  2. Font management built into a theme is actually not as easy as one might think….perhaps I can do a theme option section with some options added. The only thing I cannot really do is add fonts to a selection because there are literally 1000’s of fonts and how a font displays is dependent on what is on the viewers computer or embedded into the stylesheet.
  3. The Google fonts css is not used in my last few themes, but if you use a font plugin, they will load in that method. If you see this in any theme of mine after Encounters, please let me know. Basically there are 2 main methods of loading a font….the google fonts link, or embedding into the stylesheet.
  4. Shadows…this will of course be dependent on the theme’s design, but for those that do not have it, this is where the end-user would need to create their own.
  5. Background based headings for pages….I’ve done something like that in the past on an older site I had once and looking to do this on my next theme once I finish this current one I am working on.
  6. I will be honest about menus….they are the one thing in theme design I do not like coding because they are very finicky, but will try my best
  7. As for the CSs for the “Extras” from Encounters, the one thing I am planning to do is to create a standard across all themes. I also want to try and get these snippets into a plugin, but the only thing that would change slightly is the style of elements so that they work with the theme’s design.

Regarding the 100% sections…again, to achieve this without a builder concept, is extremely difficult. In a nutshell, how this works is that you have a blank template where a page builder creates the layout of the page beginning with the blank template as the foundation. I agree, page builders are horrible with code and it’s one of the reasons I have been trying to avoid using them. I am considering it for the odd theme, but I am also trying to figure out how to do it without the need of a page builder plugin. Basically I have to purchase a few themes that use them and some that have a parallax concept to reverse engineer and to try and come up with something easier to use. As I’ve mentioned before, this functionality is very complex and not easy to implement. When you create a page or post, it gets added into a template that has a predefined structure, and most often has a specific width for your content to go into. These wide sections requires the container to break out of the fixed container it has to go into and needs to stay put and not scroll. Think of it this way….you have a container that is 1000 pixels in width, but inside that you need another div that goes 100% of the browser window which means it needs to break out of that 1000px container.

I appreciate your ideas, so don’t feel bad or feel like you have to apologize. My goal with each new theme is to try and improve on things, or to add something new, but at the same time, make the functionality more efficient, less bloated, easier, and to try and develop a theme that requires less support 🙂

By the way….a forum for new theme suggestions is an interesting idea…I just re-activated the “Suggestions” forum category, which I had before.