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Sushil Adhikari

Hi Terry…thanks for the comment about the site. I’m actually working diligently getting a brand new site for 2014. In fact, I am changing the membership system which will be easier for upgrades and renewals. The renewal at the moment has a glitch obviously but the new site will address that.

Your membership expires in January, so you may want to wait until I launch the new Styled Themes website in a couple weeks. However, I see you have the Theme Support membership, which means you would need to purchase another theme (the same one or a different one) to get another year. You might want to again wait for the new site because I will have three memberships available:

1. Theme Support (when purchasing an individual theme)
2. Theme Membership for 6 months (access to all themes)
3. Developer theme membership for a full year (access to all themes)

At the moment I cannot post the prices for the last two yet, but I can say there is a price increase and a change in the length of time for the current theme membership (going to 6 months). This won’t affect current or new signups that happen before December 31st, but you have the option to upgrade to the current theme membership for $30 only and lock in a full year.