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Sushil Adhikari

Got your link…thanks. First thing…your page content part needs to have the

container removed. You just need this only for wrapping around your media boxes that you have there.

Next, I know why your alignment is not working. Open your child theme style.css and add a closing curly bracket to this:

#cir-site-tagline {
	font:normal 1em "Segoe UI", sans-serif, "Open Sans";
	margin: 0.06em 0.18em 0;
	color: #378b92;

By the way, whenever you need to change a style, only copy over the part you are changing. So for the text alignment, do this only:

.cir-mediabox1 {
   text-align: left;

You will also want to do this, so your image floats left:

.cir-mediabox1 img {
margin: 0;