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Ok here are fixes step by step and we’re applying this fix on the next version update too.

Open template-tags.php file go to line 191 and find the code below :

_x( 'Published on %s', 'post date', 'pure-and-simple' )

replace it with

__( 'Published on %s', 'pure-and-simple' )

open content-single.php file and find this below code on line 46

_e( 'Last Modified on ', 'my-text-domain' );

and replace it with :

_e( 'Last Modified on ', 'pure-and-simple' );

go to footer.php file and find the below code in line 35 :

esc_attr_e('All rights reserved.', 'preferential')

and replace it with

esc_attr_e('All rights reserved.', 'pure-and-simple') 

I hope it helps.