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Dear Zdenka,

It looks like you’ve not done the last modification we’ve asked on the Child theme it’s on the parent theme. Sorry that we forgot to ask the same.

We’ve asked the following quick fix last time because the .pot file was not generated properly so we’ve generated it again in the new version.

Open template-tags.php file go to line 191 and find the code below :

_x( 'Published on %s', 'post date', 'pure-and-simple' )

replace it with

__( 'Published on %s', 'pure-and-simple' )

If you’re using the same old cs_CZ.po file then use the same quick fix of above.


Regenerate the po file from .pot file we’ve provided it you’ve to go through translation once again but it will fix the problem properly. And if you’ve decided to regenerate it then you’ve to use the plural form of your language on POEdit. And this the text you need to use there : nplurals=3; plural=(n==1) ? 0 : (n>=2 && n<=4) ? 1 : 2;
See here for more information about it :