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Francois Zietsman

Hi Binaya

Thanks, but I changed themes last night as there are just too many issues with Sleeky – it really lacks a lot of customization and overall not a great theme for most sites with very limited tutorials. Sorry to say it, but I have to be honest.

I can mention a few:

1. I mentioned the Header Section, and not only the top bar. I can change the top bar’s background color in the customizer, but even if you do, the Social Media icon’s borders stay green, so they also have to be changed via CSS.
2. There is no option to change the background of the whole Header section (Default Green) – behind the logo and menu, unless through CSS.
3. The Header section was designed for a small logo because as soon as the logo is a little bigger, the theme automatically downsize the logo to fit the Header Section – this also needs to be changed through CSS, and if the height is set for example to 130px, then the menu stays the original size and the Menu’s Hover Background also needs to be set to 130px for example. And to center the Menu text again also again through CSS.
4. If this is done as mentioned in no. 3 above and one goes to a smaller screen size, the Menu moves over the logo, and as soon as it switches to Mobile Menu, the Mobile Menu is white (Default) and can’t be seen at all as I changed the Header Section background to white – so there is no option to set the Mobile Menu color either – it also has to be done through CSS. When on cellphone, the mobile menu overflows on top of the Logo.
5. Even when the Header Section’s background is set through CSS to white for example, as soon as you activate the Sticky Menu and scroll down, the Header Section turns green (default color) again – then this also needs to be set via CSS. As I mentioned in my first post, when the sticky menu is activated, it created a lot of white space as was visible in the previous attachment – without Sticky Menu the white space is normal.
6. By here I gave up and switched themes as only the header section fixes was already an A4 page full of CSS code – so I didn’t bother going any further as I don’t want to basically complete a design and then realize there is more issues and customization’s necessary.

Sorry, it’s a very nice looking theme if you stay with the defaults, but not a good theme for most sites when larger logo’s etc are required.