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Hans Stammel

Hi Andre,
I was not expecting an immediate reply – due to time differences (it’s 09:01 on Sunday morning here)

All sounds like you have been into this before
The PDF idea is VERY good and would certainly help where internet connections are a problem.
I have NEVER been a fan of FLASH (coming from old school HTML – since early days 1994)
Especially when some ‘designer’ started doing whole websites in FLASH
We only had a problem with one Android tablet not wanting to show your videos – switched to a Windows tablet and had no problems of course
I still find them very bad for stopping / rewind to a point to get the message when you are looking for a specific answer to an issues.
In my personal case that is all I need – some of my younger guys obviously need more help / input.
For some it’s even a matter of giving them the tutorial(s) to take home and do some sweating up 😉

PS – I also do agree with the update reason …. but that would up to the individual to make sure they have the last version just as it is with theme updates
Hint – see Preference – page 108-how-to-make-your-front-page-look-like-the-live-demo-site
Links under Part 2 and Part 3 – point to what appears to be older pages now renamed !

As your methodology is using 3rd party plug-ins (which I agree with) it is important to ‘learn’ how you incorporate these into your themes – hence the learning curve to make sure we understand how you ‘do this’. – after all ‘bootstrap’ is built on the same principles = only include those scripts you actually require 😛

OK – looking forward to your improved tutorial presentations / options
All the best,
AVIP – San Remo WA