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Sushil Adhikari

Hi rccgcor,

Thank you for your good response, here is the step by step solution of your issue.

To align social icons on your right:

1> Add this css on child theme stylec.css templates

.lavish_top .header_social_icons {
	text-align: right !important;

2> To add blue top color :

You will that blue top color if you are using any of Bottom1,Bottom2,Bottom3 and Bottom4 widgets position.

There is customizer setting to change the top border color as well. For this

Go to dashboard-> Appearance-> customize->color setting->colors-> Bottom Widget Top Border Color

3> For the slider image:

There will not any prbolem if you used small image on slider. So please first try out by using small image on slider ,if you got any problems on this we are here to assist you.

4> To have more than one tabs:

The snippets you are using works fine here. We are able to see four tabs with their respective content.
@see attached image.

Please let us know if we are understanding you fully on this or if perhaps this is not what you meant. iF you doesn’t mean this then please explain your issue on detail so it will be easy for both of us to find appropiriate solution as soon as possible

5> To set meet the team page:

Colorbg_COLORNAME is color code that you can used for color value. For eg . #id { color: burlywood; background-color: darkgoldenrod }
Please use this snippets for meet the team page: Note: Please use this snippets on text section of admin page editor.




And also you can see this forum, we had discussed on detail on this issue:

Note: Please use child theme to add custom css , so your changes will not lost on theme update.

If you got any problems on this please feel free to ask a question , customer happiness is our first priority.


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