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Saskia Lund

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Mobile menu no longer working correctly:

At screen width < 1000px the jquery and css kicks in and displays the burger menu button. However the menu does not toggle when the menu button is clicked. pls. fix Solved it for a moment after clearing browser cache. Next page reload: problem reappeared. There seems to be something wrong here. EDIT: trying to find the bugged code. no luck so far. However I found some syntax mistakes. For example: file: flat_responsive_extras.js line: 275 your code in 1.0.4

$('ul.mobilemenu').css( {"overflow": "scroll"});

The correct syntax according to api.jquery.com for appending css is as follows:

$('ul.mobilemenu').css( "overflow", "scroll" );

Weird thing is, after clearing cache in chrome, the toggle functionality returns. it never stops working when I access the site via my iphone though. only when reloading in chrome.