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Shekhar Bhandari

Hi Prisca,

Sorry about the fact that you are finding this glitches on our theme, but we make sure we will get to you soon with the updates.

1) We found that the widgets are not being displayed at the default page templates, full width templates, page with left and right columns and page with left column. We will fix this issue in the next version.
2) I cannot get to this point clearly, as in our sites no fonts are changing in page templates. Could you sent us the screenshot regarding the problem?
3) We have replaced the social icon image with the icons, hence no any images are there… are you having problem without the images?
4) Both menu has been named as menu in the new version.
5) There is options to reduce the margin in the customize. You can reduce it if you want.

Please could you explain in brief about the points 2 & 3 so we could solve all the problems.