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Hello Shekkar

3) if you go to denturesolutionsmaine.com/denturesolutions/ I see only little squares – no more F for facebook – T for twitter etc… yes please if you could restore the images/icons of those social bookmarks that would be great 🙂
4) Thanks for the menu. Should I upload a new version or keep on removing it in the file?
5) the space cannot be changed otherwise on desktop my space will not be right so I have to keep it teh way it is so my menu is balanced – now when I shrink my window the menu goes up and leave a wide space between the menu and the bottom border – it is not major – just not adjusted…I know..I am picky!!! Sorry…
1) Thank you for fixing that
2) please see attached.

Thank you so much for being so hands on. I so appreciate that 🙂


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