Reply To: Widget Syles and Typography

Sushil Adhikari

Turns out I made a mistake in two parts…first is the html snippets, the second is the css for the dropcap. I will have to fix this on the next update, but so you don’t have to wait, on line 503, make sure the file name for the image is:


As for the code for creating dropcaps, I also noticed I did it wrong and not sure what happened, but the correct snippet should be this:


If you want to change the background colour, you would do an inline style like this:


For the Widget CSS Classes plugin (or any other), if you are experiencing issues, best to utilize their support as theme support here does not include third party plugins. But as a side note, Celestial Reloaded does not have predefined widget styles that you can use, although Encounters does. This might be why you are not seeing it work?