Sushil Adhikari

I just setup a test site on my computer and grabbed your content for testing as well. So what you have is what I have, but to make some adjustments, you have to do some custom CSS. First, lets do this…

Change the Bottom area grey to white by going to Appearance >> Customize >> Colours >> Bottom Widgets Background

Custom CSS in your child theme (which you are apparently using), for removing the extra top space in the Bottom Widgets container with:

#bottom-group {padding-top: 0;} 

Then, to take some space off the content area, you would need to adjust your content container padding as well, but please note this will affect all pages, so I am not sure if you want to do that, but if you are OK with that, you can do this:

#content-wrapper {padding-bottom: 20px;} 

**or whatever you want for space.

Another possibility is to bring the bottom widget area further up with a negative margin. I’m not sure how this will work out overall, but instead of adjusting the padding of the content wrapper, you would do this:

#bottom-group {
margin-top: -40px;