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Sushil Adhikari

Thank you for the login. I made your front page set to the Front Page with Right Column template and the Call to Action worked. So what I did is put your page template back to the default template. You need to update your theme because it fixes some things you are experiencing like the right column widgets going to the bottom. version 1.3.3 fixed that.

The way to do this is to download Encounters, unzip it, then unzip the theme file to your desktop. Using your FTP program (hopefully you have one, such as Filezilla which is free), upload the theme files to replace the existing files. ***BEFORE you do this, download your Encounters theme first so you have a backup just in case you had to revert back to it. Basically you will upload the new theme to replace the existing Encounters theme. This cannot be done with the WordPress theme installer (this only works for themes stored at

After this, change your front page to the Front Page with Right Column. Then you can then add your Call to Action. Remember that only the Front Page templates have the complete set of widget positions. Please refer to this video tutorial for info about that here: