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    We just installed Luminescence Pro two days ago, and are working through the “bugs” so to speak. Two issues are at the top of our list as troublesome.

    1. The page length, at times, does not extend for the entire space needed per the text. It appears to be very inconsistent. Some pages with extensive text fit nicely and the background adjusts. See here: http://austenauthors.net/austen-authors Other pages have the text falling into the bottom and footer areas with the background ending. See here: http://austenauthors.net/giveaways Also attached screenshot.

    2. Comments cannot be added. The comment box appears, and can be typed into, but the button to “post comment” does not work. For one thing, akin to the #1 question above, the “post comment” button falls below the post content area into the bottom/footer zone. This link: http://austenauthors.net/project-darcy-doing-a-little-digging-of-my-own-by-jane-odiwe and the screenshot attached.

    Thank you for any assistance.

    Sushil Adhikari

    For your first question…I’ve narrowed it down to your social plugin. It’s breaking out of the content page which takes other content with it. I looked at the source css for it and I was stunned at the amount of code this thing has…it literally has more css than the Luminescence theme; it has 2007 lines of code (and that is just the css).

    As for your other question…I discovered that your social plugin is also causing the button to not function.

    So I have a test for you. Disable that plugin and see what happens then and let me know because I can almost guarantee you that you may need to change to a different social sharing plugin, but to confirm my assumption, disable the plugin and see if your page content stays in the container (and that the comment submission button works).


    Thank you SO much for answering so promptly!

    Indeed, when I disabled the Shareaholic plugin, the comment problem was solved immediately. Yeah!

    However, it did not help with the one page – the Giveaway page – text falling far down the page. I fear that may be because of the Rafflecopter form??? Not sure, but guessing, since there are other pages with extensive text, and the background continues for as long as necessary.

    So, next questions:
    1. Do you have a suggestion for a better instant sharing plugin? The icons for Facebook, Twitter, etc being easily available is a nice touch and one our visitors rely upon.

    2. If it is the Rafflecopter code causing problems on the one page, is there a way to resolve that? Or do you think it is something else entirely?

    Thanks again!

    Sushil Adhikari

    Turns out it’s the social plugin (for this particular one) is causing the issues, but I am also assuming the other page that you said still does it is the iframe (which can be troublesome).

    How this theme works with equal height columns is that a script calculates the height (length) of the longest column and applies this height to select containers (columns) so that each column is the same. So if your main content has more stuff in it, as in actual content, it will be added where the sidebar also gets that height.

    IFrames are bit troublesome because they are kind of like adding a browser window into your browser window. The content in an iframe is located somewhere else, so my guess is that the equal height columns are not working well with an iframe as well. Not something you want to hear I know.

    I took your content from that Giveaway page and put it into my test local site and disabled that social plugin, and was able to get all the content into the page, but not sure why yours is still showing it breaking out (perhaps browser cache is storing it). Try clearing your browser cache and see if that works.

    As for a social plugin…I’m trying to remember what i used once before which worked great. I just have to look for it…which I will do shortly.

    There is also the method of my theme’s equal height columns that is also a part of the cause too, so hopefully I can remember and find that social plugin I used before in the past. Are you looking for those big sized buttons?


    I was not aware that iFrame code, in general, can be a problem. It seems to be relatively common. I do understand your explanation regarding how the iFrame works. What I am not sure about is the height column calculation portion. Clearly this is not my forte! In looking through all the pages, the height does adjust appropriately, so I assume it must be the Rafflecopter (iframe) form that is messing the one page up. Hmmm…..

    Any hints on another, better social media plugin is greatly appreciated. Does JetPack have something? We haven’t installed that as yet. Didn’t want to do too much too fast. In the past I have tried JetPack and not been satisfied for various reasons, but I am willing to try it again with this newer theme that is more up-to-date.

    Thanks again. I appreciate your insights.

    If I may ask another question (or I can start a new topic if preferred): We love the shortened post format on the blog, but wondered if there was an easy way to adjust it so that a bit more than just two lines showed in the excerpt? Even just a paragraph would do. Thanks!

    Sushil Adhikari

    iframes are common, but it depends on how they are being used. However, I think everything here relates partially to my theme and how it functions with the script that calculates the heights of the sidebar and content columns based on what is published in them. Something about the social plugin code and that particular iframe for the Giveaway page is not being seen as “content” in the page by the script. The script is not seeing those two items to calculate the column heights….kind of techy I know.

    I will see what I can do with this today, as well, look for an alternative social plugin for you.

    If you decide to add JetPack, I will leave that one to your decision. I haven’t totally explored JetPack, but I see it does offer social sharing, among all the other things. I used part of Jetpack in testing some things as well on the demo site…also tried out their contact form too.

    Sushil Adhikari

    Sorry, forgot to answer your excerpt one…I am going to do an update to the theme that adds a theme option to let the end-user choose how long to make the excerpt.

    UPDATE: I just spent some time looking at social sharing plugins at wordpress.org….all I can say is wow, most of them really are “bad” putting it mildly. I tried about 20 of them, most worked in the page. So far the one that looks good and works well is the Jetpack one.

    Actually…this one looks good: http://wordpress.org/plugins/hupso-share-buttons-for-twitter-facebook-google/screenshots/ and it looks pretty good in the theme post and pages too.

    Sushil Adhikari

    Ok… after testing, here are the two options:

    1. Hupso – Share Buttons http://wordpress.org/plugins/hupso-share-buttons-for-twitter-facebook-google/
    2. Jetpack – Easy to find for installing


    Seriously, a million thanks! I will definitely try Jet Pack again. Gradually I am learning more about this whole topic, and realizing that while plugins certainly are fun and advantageous in many respects, they sure can lead to problems and overload. Between our group site (the one you are helping on) and our personal websites, we are discovering that streamlining is VERY important.

    I am now working on Luminescence for my personal site too! Thanks for letting me know about the options for social plugins, and that an update is coming.

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