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    Jorge Lopez

    Hello, hope all is well.

    I am creating a Gallery with 12 images and want to have 3 Rows [of 4 imges]
    I watched your Vid Tutorial but it doesnt mention what code to place if I want there to be another Row.
    I remembered about the “Span3”

    also I wanted to enter the “bottom” effect parameter from YOOtheme but i just can’t seem to get it right. I have entered the code but i guess i’m just placing it in the wrong place or entering the code wrong all together. any chance you can shed some light on this for me please?

    > heres the code from your vid

    Lightbox Image

    and heres the code from the WidgetKit site

    How To Use

    To create a custom overlay, use a div element with the CSS class overlay. You can set the effect parameter to the data attribute. For example:

    You can set the effect parameter to fade,  top, right and left. 
    ...am I looking at the wrong code for what I want to do?
    Thanks again for your responce.
    Sushil Adhikari

    For each new row that you want, you will need to duplicate the first one. So for the container, you will have this:


    For adding the “Bottom” spotlight effect, this is how the link should look:


    **Note the data-spotlight=”effect:bottom;”

    However, I am guessing it’s not working for you because it appears you did it correctly. I will test this on my local site to see if there is something conflicting or if it’s their plugin (which in case if it is, it would be their support).

    ***A quick note when posting code, it’s best to highlight all your code you are pasting, then on the editor, click on the code button. The result will be what mine looks like. I already did it to your post for you.

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    Sushil Adhikari

    Quick follow up… I think my sample code is not done correctly. I have this:


    The above works, but when you want a different spotlight, such as the bottom effect:

    Custom Overlay

    ….is needs the extra div with the caption for the overlay right after the image tag.

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