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    I’m wondering if there are any plans for an update to this theme in the near future. There are several issues that, all put together, make me hesitant to proceed with it otherwise.

    1. The preview includes features built with Widgetkit lite, but the most recent version of that plugin doesn’t work with the theme. The older version was giving me issues with responsiveness – specifically, the rotating image banner was not scaling on mobile devices and had margins or padding that were not addressed by changing those settings – so I’ve replaced it with a different banner plugin, but am now wondering how many other features I will have to replace that WidgetKit should have provided.

    2. We had to apply a code bandaid to force the pages to scroll properly and show content below the main body copy, including the footer. This problem appeared before I installed any custom code or other plugins.

    3. When I installed and activated Woo Commerce, a primary reason for choosing this theme, I received an alert that the theme is using outdated Woo Commerce templates.

    4. I need to install the latest PHP update and am curious whether the theme is ready to run on PHP 7.3

    In short, I’ve just begun building the site and I was super excited about this theme, but if I’m going to switch to something else, now is the time to do it. Knowing that you had a theme update planned for the near future would make me more comfortable sticking with Circumference Pro.


    Styled Themes

    Hello Elizabeth,

    Thanks for your feedback. Please see responses for each points:

    1. The theme utilizes an older version of Widgetkit which we bundle. It’s not compatible with the new versions and the reason for this is that we did not like the direction Widgetkit development has taken.
    For now we don’t have plans to replace the old version but if you see any issues with it please raise the specific bug and we will address it.

    2. Could you point out which page had this issue please? We are not aware of a scrolling issue but if it occured we would like to look into it.

    3. Regarding WooCommerce template version notices: WooCommerce updates often, sometimes multiple times a month. If there are no significant functional changes to templates we tweaked with the theme and there are no visual issues, the templates in the theme don’t need updating. The template update notice can be dismissed and ignored. It’s simply a mismatch in version numbers that can be ignored most of the times.

    4. I wouldn’t recommend installing PHP 7.3 just yet as even the WP core team are finding bugs related to the newest php version. I think 7.2 is the best choice at this point in time which our theme is fully compatible with. If you are in doubt you can use a free tool to check prior to updating https://wordpress.org/plugins/php-compatibility-checker/

    In summary, we will be maintaining support and updates to Circumference Pro.


    Hi, thanks for this. I appreciate the reassurance, as I do really like this theme.

    1. You’ll see a prior thread from me regarding widgetkit, though it was finished up via email. I had some difficulty finding and installing a version that would run the full functionality, and even after I got it running, there were issues with margins/padding in my banner slideshow that shouldn’t have been there, and the text in the banners was not responsive. These issues appeared inconsistently and were not resolved by the corresponding settings in Widgetkit. I ultimately ended up using another plugin. Relying on a plugin that cannot be updated seems like a problematic way to go with a paid, premium theme.

    2. The issue affected all pages. It was addressed by pasting in some extra css code to force a minimum height, but again, that felt like a bit of a hack. There is a thread about this, as well. It was blamed on some “conflicting code edits or plugins” or some such, but I hadn’t made any customizations or even installed any other plugins yet.

    3. Currently, when I enter an inventory number in WooCommerce, the item still shows up as out of stock. I also added widgets to the sidebar of all WooCommerce store pages and they are not showing up.

    4. This last one was a typo on my part – I meant PHP 7.2. I had just gone through a difficult upgrade to 7.2 with another site/theme and may have been overly paranoid about this. I thought the server for this site had yet to undergo that upgrade, as well, but it was already running 7.2 so no issue there. My apologies on that one.

    I will play around with WooCommerce some more and make sure I’m not overlooking something on my end as I haven’t set up this type of store before. If the issues persist, I’ll start a thread specific for that.

    I appreciate the clarifications, and as long as you are actively supporting this theme, I will continue to use it. Thanks.


    Hello Elizabeth,

    Thanks for your concern again!
    As you mentioned, relying on a plugin that cannot be updated seems like a problematic way to go with a paid, premium theme, that’s a valid point from your side. However we don’t have any plans to upgrade at the moment but we’ll keep that in mind to find the alternatives in the future release hopefully soon.

    Regarding WooCommerce sidebar, there seems to be a bug associated to the theme, we just noticed.
    We’ll release an update after fixing the issue and follow you back earlier by Next week.

    Thanks for your feedbacks again. We’ll follow you back after the updates.

    Best Regards,

    Social Sirens Media

    I am also hoping you will update this child theme. I had to insert special header and the template just needs some updating. Please let me know when you update this theme 🙂


    Hello Social Sirens Media,

    We’re ongoing with the update. We’ll follow back in this thread once we’re done!



    Hello Elizabeth and Sirens Media,

    Please find our updated version i.e 5.1.0. You’ll get an update alert inside Dashboard>>Apparance>>Themes>>Circumference if you’ve valid License.

    Let us know.


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