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    Jorge Lopez

    Looks like I have to update my PHP from 5.2 to the new 5.4.
    I’m told there are some compatibility issues with some Themes… was hoping you might comfort me and letting me know if we’re all good here.

    also if you can, would you be able to recommend one or the other for my upgrade if your familiar with either of these? thanks!

    By default all accounts use standard PHP. With standard PHP selected, a php script will use the server’s master php.ini configuration file if the script’s directory does not contain a php.ini file. You can install the default php.ini file to your public_html folder using the “PHP Config” option in your cPanel. You may make any changes to this file and the modification will take precedent over the master file. With standard PHP selected in the cPanel, you will need to copy the modified php.ini file into all subdirectories containing php files which are to use the custom php settings.

    Note: Different folders can have different php.ini files containing different php settings. If you need to use different php settings for two different scripts, you can place them each in their own folder and with their own php.ini file.

    To avoid copying the same php.ini file to each and every directory containing php files, you may select PHP Single php.ini. This option changes the php handler defined in ~/public_html/.htaccess to indicate that all subfolders use the same php.ini found in public_html/.

    Note: The .htaccess php handler is recursive through all subdirectories unless a subdirectory has a .htaccess file also defining a php handler.

    Using the PHP FastCGI option makes all your PHP applications run through mod_fcgid instead of mod_suphp. FastCGI uses only one php.ini file located in the public_html directory. For more detailed information about PHP FastCGI including benefits and potential problems, Click Here

    Sushil Adhikari

    I believe for the most part, the theme should be ok because I develop my themes on XAMPP which uses 5.3.0. When determining compatibility, the more important factor will be your WordPress version and third party plugins, so you will want to check with them and to make sure.

    My themes do not have plugin scripts coded in which helps, as well, no php.ini is utilized in the theme either.

    For questions relating to your PHP and server, it’s best to talk to your web host provider about these because it’s related to your server and each host has different parameters and setups.

    Jorge Lopez

    ok thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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