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    C.C. Blewett

    On this site, http://austinweddingsunlimited.com, which uses Celestial Reloaded (Version 2.something from 2013), I can no longer use the customizer. When I open that screen, it says my session has timed out (which it hasn’t) and it presents a login screen on the right side, while leaving the customize menu on the left.. I can login again and it just returns me to the same message.
    The last time I edited the site (before today)and used the customizer, I had no problem.
    Today, the only file I edited was my child styles.css. I had apparently messed it up 2 years ago such that the theme was no longer responsive. I got that issue fixed (at least on an iphone 6 it looks right), but I don’t see how editing the child style sheet would affect the customize screen.

    Today I did extract a clean copy of the last Celestial Reloaded zip file that I’d downloaded and I compared it to the parent style sheet I’ve been using, but if I changed anything, it was just adding the “Responsive” section at the bottom of the style sheet. (I did so much trying to make things work, I’m afraid I can’t remember if I really changed the “original” parent style sheet today or not. The first attached file is the parent style sheet and the 2nd one is the child.

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    Shekhar Bhandari

    Hi C.C Blewett,

    It seems like you are using old version of theme, and plugins which is creating conflict, style sheet change doesn’t affect the customizer, so you need to see if any plugins is creating an error disabling each and every one.


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