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    Ron King

    I decided to scroll through some of your new themes (those I haven’t used yet) so I started out with Deck Pro. I made a page with some notes on it relative to the theme, then installed Nora Pro so I could take a look at it. When I did that the only thing that stayed the same was the existence of the pages and the menu. All text disappeared. I always thought you could change themes at any time without losing anything, although I’ve never tried it before. I’ve used nine, maybe ten, of your previous themes and am thinking that I need to stick to them because I know how they work rather than start playing around with others. I don’t want to start putting information in a theme and not be able to change the theme in mid-stream.

    Binaya D

    Hi Ron,

    When you change theme all the data queried in one theme may not be same in other one. So this is what
    happened in your theme. After changing theme all the post and menus are not deleted but the way it is
    queried in theme is different. So you need to adjust the setting after changing theme like customizer setting
    and menu setting etc. We hope you understand.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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