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    Ron King

    I have built a site with a black background and really want to be able to do something like the attached sample. I’m using tables here, and they work poorly in Circumference, although I had no trouble with them in any of your other themes. I take you at your word that I am really out-of-date in trying to use tables, and, at your suggestion, learned quite a bit about using columns and page builder. I’m glad you pushed me in that direction, and now see how useful they are. In most cases I will be able to use them instead of the way I’ve been doing it, but not in this case. You can see that I have a black background, and a border of dark gray, with a lighter gray for the contents, which include pictures and text. I just can’t get text to line up properly in Circumference like with the other themes. Am I pretty much out of luck in trying to do what I’m after. Ron

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    Sushil Adhikari

    A quick Note: I moved this to the Circumference forum category because you posted this in the Suggestions category.

    I found what is doing the vertical alignment which is part of the theme’s custom table styling. Line 2906 in the style.css is this:

    table td {
    vertical-align: middle;

    You can do a custom css that would be like this:

    table td {
    vertical-align: top;

    Do this in a child theme if you are using one, or use a plugin for editing CSS.

    What I will probably do is change that in the next theme update version.

    Actually…contact me via Email Support and I can send you a replacement file of style.css for you with that adjustment (providing you did not make any changes to this file?)

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