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    Recently I activated the CSS Classes from within the screen options. After doing so, I typed in “home” in the expanded view of my main menu structure in order to stop the links in the main menu from being a different color when on that page. I was able to do successfully in the child template, but it seems not to take in the parent template. Can anyone offer me any help?

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    Sushil Adhikari

    hi Craig….you did it correct, but I’m a bit lost on what you did when you said you did this in your child template but it doesn’t work in the parent? Perhaps it’s better to post a link to your site and then I can get a better idea of your “Home” menu link, but are you using the parent theme or the child theme now?


    Thank you kindly. Here is my link.

    I’m now working on the parent template.

    Sushil Adhikari

    Thanks for the link…. first question…how did you make your menu? I looked at your source code and the classes are different from what they should be by default from WordPress. I’m going to guess you did not create a custom menu? Also, when I looked at the code, the “home” class is not there which is why you don’t see it working.


    Thank you. That worked perfectly.

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