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    Hi there..

    I’m hoping you can help. I find that my featured image does NOT show up on all facebook shares. Have you seen this problem in the past? Some posts it works fine and others, it just doesn’t happen. It does NOT seem to be dependant on the featured image size, but I’m working on getting that standardized. 🙂


    I should add that they post to google+ fine.. just not to facebook


    To show featured image on the Facebook share you need to have special meta property called og:image . Use the official Facebook plugin and it will add this meta tag for you in theme : https://wordpress.org/plugins/facebook/

    Thank you !


    hmmmm that facebook plugin wants me to add some app, that I apparently don’t have. Is there not an easier way to do it?


    You don’t need to add them. After installing the plugin, Go the post and view the source and see if source code has og:image. It should have and have the link of the featured image.

    And try to share the link again, Make sure you try to share different link as Facebook cache the shared page’s details on it’s side for 24 hours.


    Still does not seem to work for the posts created before.

    The new post it did work. not sure what “source code” you want me to look at. There is definitely nothing in the “text code”


    Can you post the link of the page where it’s not working? Source means viewing the source of the page using view source property of browser. And check if that page has og:image meta tag property or not.


    ok.. that tag is in there, so maybe it is just that I have tried sharing it too often.

    This is the page http://www.ethicalomnivore.org/mindful-meat-mondays/


    I just tried to post to another account I have access to, with no luck


    Well it’s the cache from Facebook. If you want to clear it here is the tip :

    Use this url : https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object/ and put the url and click on the fetch new scrape information.

    And it looks like you’ve so many plugin related to Facebook which is generating multiple og:image meta tags .


    Thanks for your help..I have removed the plugins I added before the one you suggest and now it works.. 🙂


    Good to hear that 🙂

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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