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    Hello Andre,

    I have a static frontpage on my website, but I would like to show either “featured articles” (=explictly flagged ones), or just the newest articles.
    I cannot find a way to achieve this, but maybe I am searching for the wrong keywords.

    On your Encounters demo, you have these 4 images with text underneath.
    How is this created?

    I would like to have post_tumbnails, the title and the excerpt.
    Pretty similar to the achive pages, but limited to 4 articles and distributed into 2 colums. (or maybe 3 columns, 1 row only might also work…)

    Do you have any idea how this could work?
    I search a bunch of plugins, but none of them gives me a 2 column thing.

    Thanks a lot in advance!


    Sushil Adhikari

    For showing specific articles or the latest articles (as the blog displays), you would need to do some custom coding, although a plugin method would work best. One possibility is using a page builder plugin which lets you create various layouts (columns) and put almost anything in your page…including posts. Might want to check ot page builder plugins, otherwise the only other method would be to create a custom page template and code in what you want to display…but this is not easy if you are not familiar with coding.

    The 4 images on the encounters home page is done with a text widget and then all four are placed into that with a code snippet. Although you can do these with individual text widgets with a snippet like this one from the site:

    Exceptional Good Looks

    Encounters is simply great in every way possible. Whether you are running a blog or a professional business website, you will look absolutely stunning!

    You can use that as a guide…change out the image and text for your own. Add a button below each text with a text link (add the class “btn” to the link to get a button) and link this to anything.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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