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    Hi, I’m trying to set up your new Preferential theme. It looks promising… Just a couple of questions, please

    1) how do I translate “go!” in the search field? I remember you explained me a year ago with PreferencePro but cannot find the email now. I apologize for that.

    2) when I set a thumbnail size in the media setting and tick “small featured image” in the blog setting, should the thumbnail size automatically appear on the blog? I set a thumnail size but still the featured image in original size is inserted. What am I doing wrong?

    3) is it possible to set a static page as homepage and show blog on that page?

    4) how do you insert a youtube video. But only a “picture” – when clicking it would be redirected to youtube. Is it possible only with the theme functions or is a plugin necessary?)

    5) Also I tried to install Jetpack according to your recommandation. But it seems to slow down the administration and the website. Do you have such experience? Is it worth installing Jetpack when only about 8 modules are used? (I tried to measure the website speed – no photos or slider there – with Pingdom and it’s much slower with Jetpack. However, I have no idea if such a test is relevant).

    Sushil Adhikari

    All translations will be done with the preferential.pot file, and the GO button should show up there. You will need a program like PoEdit to do your translations.

    Featured Image size….This is one of those things where I may have to do a “forced” thumbnail size in the theme. Right now it uses the full sized version of your image, so if you have a big image to start with, this is probably why you see a big image still. This is also another one of those things where it’s a no-win situation because I coded this to allow the user to create their own featured image size that they want, but now thinking this might be an issue for existing sites that use this theme. Normally this is set so that you create your featured image the size you want then upload it. I may have to change this method as the first update to this theme. At the moment, you won’t be able to use the small featured image setting until I make this change.

    For your 3rd question….yes…almost. You need a plugin to display posts like this one: http://wordpress.org/plugins/display-posts-shortcode/

    For your 4th question….you would simply insert an image and link it to the video.

    For your 5th question…Slow jetpack? Actually I never noticed any slowdown. Perhaps you might want to go to the plugin page at wordpress.org and submit this question to their support there, as they may have a solution. I know there are some things that are activated by default, so what I did with mine was disable all the ones I did not want to use. Still, there should be no slow down even if you had all of them active.

    Jetpack is not required and there are alternatives for the different features of it as separate plugins, but this will still load separate plugins and scripts. If you decide to skip jetpack, let me know and I can list out the comparable plugins to replace what jetpack would otherwise offer.

    Some people experience slow down…I just found this you might want to read first: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/jetpack-slows-down-the-site-big-server-load


    1) Yes, I know, PoEdit. I only asked about “go” because I didn’t find it in the po file.

    2) Thanks for explaining. Throughout the tutorials you still mention the option to have the media set to a fixed size. I just thought the small image blog layout could use it. Ok, I’ll consider your method of preparing images ahead 😉

    3) + 4) thanks

    5) Thank you for the link to the discussion. I also tried contacing Auttomatic directly. I’ll keep you posted about their reply.

    Sushil Adhikari

    Found the problem for the “Go!” issue. I did not code it correctly. Please use the Email Support form (off the Support home page) and I will send you the corrected .pot file as well as the searchform.php file (both will be in the next update of Preferential).

    The Media settings is actually not for the featured image but only for images you insert yourself into a post or page. The featured image has to be coded directly in the blog files. I have decided to code this in, so I will do this today.

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