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    This link is not working. Is there a new link?

    Step 7 – Create A Portfolio

    You can follow this link to create a Portfolio https://www.styledthemes.com/flat-responsive-setup/448-how-to-make-custom-portfolio and place the shortcode of the portfolio to inset-full widget.

    Sushil Adhikari

    Dear Ellen,

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused, now you don’t have such written tutorial for creating portfolio. You can take help from this video tutorial :

    Let us know if you have question or queries regarding Styled Themes.


    Steve Gossett

    Ok, it took me a bit to understand Styled Portfolios and I’m still trying to pick up on it more so these are simply my comments on understanding and use. I urge any other users to chime in as well as that can only make these themes that much more awesome for us to use.

    First and foremost, it appears that each “individual” item you add under Styled Portfolio is treated as a singular item within the portfolio you will present for viewing. Think of it like this, if you need six graphics in your portfolio you will need to add an item for each one.

    Only items under Styled Portfolio that have a featured image specified appear in the final presented portfolio.

    When creating a page to contain the portfolio, the number you specify in the shortcode tells how many of the items to show and will show them in the order they appear in the Styled Portfolios list from top to bottom.


    style_portfolio total=”2″ will show two items in list order fom top to bottom
    style_portfolio total=”5″ will show five items in list order from top to bottom

    You can use the portfolio shortcode in a widget but the widget needs to be full spanning like Insetfull and then a Text widget. if used in a widget meant for different formatting it will not look right.

    When you click on one of the portfolio items from as it appears on your website it will open to a new page with the graphic on the left and text formatted to the right which includes the title as defined by the individual Styled Portfolio item and any text content it has.

    I do not know of any way to specify individual portfolio items from the list out of their natural top to bottom order other than setting the ones not intended to be used to Draft or removing the featured image so its just not included in the portfolio being viewed. This would be a nice to have though as more than one portfolio may be used.

    If each item could be singularly specified that would add some flexibility, as an example, style_portfolio item=”5″ and perhaps even include some formatting parameters.

    Anyways, that’s my nickels worth during my use of this theme. Hope my notes help someone along the way.

    Sushil Adhikari

    Thank you very much Steve Gossett, for your contribution, research and time. We are pleased to have you as our customer.

    It seems you are getting some issue on displaying portfolio, could you please explain more on details about the bold statement above.So we could clarify your doubt?

    Best Regards

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