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    C.C. Blewett

    Google is indicating that site that are not mobile ready will not rank as high in the future. I have a client whose site I’ve been converting to Encounters from a standard site, primarily so it would be more mobile friendly. Yet when I run the PageSpeed Insights report, both her old site and the new Encounters site come up with the same “errors”.
    The new site (Encounters, which is supposed to be more mobile responsive than her old-fashioned site):

    The old site:

    Encounters doesn’t score much better except in the User Experience category.
    So, my question, which I think would apply to all themes, is how to remove the render-blocking javascript in your WordPress theme?
    I’ve ready Google’s instructions, but I”m not sure where to find the various lines they refer to and whether inserting async into the code that calls javascript is going to mess with the site. (I am not a programmer)



    You can take help from this article to optimize your site with the recommendation of Google page speed insight :

    C.C. Blewett

    That did help. It reduced the number of javascript and CSS files to 4 from ten or more. It didn’t get rid of all of them, but it did bump her score 8 points, so that’s good.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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