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    Karin van den Bosch

    Some time ago I unsubscribed from the Circumference-premium forum, because I do not want to receive all emails posted to this forum. Then I did not receive emails from this forum anymore. But now I receive them again, while I did not do anything.

    So, again, I want to unsubscribe me. But I see nowhere the button or link where I can do that. At the bottom of the email there is a message stating: “You are receiving this email because you subscribed to the Circumference forum.

    Login and visit the forum to unsubscribe from these emails.”

    But now I am logged in. But I see no possibility to unsubscribe from a forum.

    Maybe I have looked over it?
    So, where and how can I unsubscribe?


    Styled Themes

    Hi Karin,

    thanks for briging this to my attention.
    The Subscribe / Unsubscribe toogle link was hidden in some forum pages – now it should be displayed as standard.
    Please go to to remove yourself from the forum thread notifications.

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