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    Umair Vanthaliwala

    I’ve attached a screenshot of your demo site and I’m trying to get blog entries to show up on the main page. How do I do that? Also, you guys have a link on the text “View our blog” how do I achieve that??

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    Sushil Adhikari

    Dear Umair Vanthaliwala,

    Thank you for your clear information.

    To show the blog post section you need to choose homepage template.If you have created post on your site then it automatically up there.

    Regarding to the heading you can add those from customizer:

    Go to dashboard -> appearance -> Customize ->Homepage -> Blog post section

    On Blog main heading: Learn about just some of our better ideas
    Blog sub-heading:
    Ideas—we know, everyone has them. So lets join together in our conversation and collaboration to create even bigger and better ideas, <a href="blog/">visit our blog</a>

    let us know if you have question regarding to this.



    Umair Vanthaliwala

    Hi Sushil.

    I know how to do that. That wasn’t my question. I’m trying to find out how to show the blog posts in that section. How do I create a blog post to SHOW UP in THAT section?

    I have to say, I’m very disappointed with the documentation that’s provided for this theme.


    Sushil Adhikari

    Hi there,

    Don’t worry Umair, We are here to assist you on every ups and down. Could you please make sure that you have created post on your WordPress site. That section pulls up the default post.

    Let us know if we are understanding you fully or perhaps this is not what you meant for.


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