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    Elisa Meakin

    Hi there, when editing my Preference website on Chrome all of the sizes of fonts were perfect, but when I opened the page in Firefox or Internet Explorer the font size became almost to little to read. Is there a way of changing the general font sizes for the website? I’m not really computer savvy so if there’s an easy way to do this I’d really appreciate it. If not, send me how to do it and I’ll see if I can hire someone to help me.

    Thanks so much!

    Sushil Adhikari

    Hi Elisa… strange because it shouldn’t be different, or at least very minimal. I just looked at the live demo site for Preference in Chrome (which I use), Firefox, IE, Opera, and Safari, but the text sizes are basically matching each other. Usually if a font is different in size that is very noticeable, it could be a couple things…

    1. the browsers have the text size settings to be smaller
    2. content that was added to the site was copy and pasted with inline styling that could change their sizes

    Do you have a link to your site and I can take a look and see if there is something causing the different sizes?

    Elisa Meakin

    Yes, my site is
    I wrote the content directly onto the Pages, I might have copied and pasted a couple of things but say 80% was written on the site.
    When I opened it in firefox even the category titles were smaller, it was strange because the pictures stayed the same size. Does this make any sense?
    thank you so much for your help! :blink:

    Sushil Adhikari

    On some of your pages like Sexual Health Advisor, your paragraph is wrapped in a span with inline styling that is affecting text size. Although I don’t see it on my end, it could be for you. The inline styling is this:

    But overall, I am just not seeing any text size differences. I included a screenshot of what I see. If you could do a screenshot to show me what you see, that might help…maybe. Try also removing that inline styling from some of your pages.

    **Good thing this is an adult support forum, lol :woohoo:

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    Elisa Meakin

    haha :silly: Yip, good thing we’re all adults around here haha

    So I’m attaching two shots to show you, the larger one is from my chrome, which is the size I’m hoping it to be. Looking at what you sent me made me think that perhaps I have my Chrome settings larger than the rest! Shoot. If this is the case, is there any chance I can make the text larger manually? Perhaps with a plugin? The only options I currently have are under my “Format” drop down menu while writing, but that is really limited. And then I wouldn’t be able to effect my category titles size or would I? I was really hoping to have a larger text, especially because the island I live on’s average member is 55!

    Elisa Meakin

    p.s. I took out the html you suggested and didn’t really see a difference, must be something else.

    Sushil Adhikari

    For just CSS modifications, it’s best to use a CSS Editor and I see you have Jetpack installed which has a CSS editor. You will modify the body for font size. In the theme it has this:

    body {
    		font-size: 0.813rem;
    	background: #dadddf url('images/patterns/pattern-bg.png') 0 0 repeat fixed;

    Two sizes, the rem one overrides the px value because the px is for older browsers. You can use just px if you want. Try doing this in the css editor:

    body {font-size: 16px;}

    The rest of the page text throughout your site will be relative to whatever the body is (it self adjusts to it).

    I’m calling it a night here as it’s going on 1am for me, so hopefully this will work for you.

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