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    Jorge Lopez

    How do you Update Encounters to the Latest Version? and How can I find out if it will affect any of my plugings
    Currently I have NOT updated to vr. 3.9.1 Should I wait for any bugs to be sorted out? Or am I good to go?

    Thanks – Jorge

    Sushil Adhikari

    Basically you download the theme, unzip the package, then inside that you unzip the actual theme file and then you should get a folder “encounters” which contains all the theme files inside that (you will know when you see the style.css file there). Using an FTP program, you upload the encounters folder to your WordPress “themes” folder which should replace the existing theme files.

    As for affecting plugins…if you have encounters already running and you have no problems, you should be OK.

    However, before you do any of this, I recommend you download your current theme “encounters” folder somewhere on your computer as a backup…just in case for some reason you need to go back to it.

    Jorge Lopez

    Wow! ok sounds a little complicated but I think i can manage [hope I dont make my site disappear, that would suck! 😉 ]

    So I download it from “here” somewhere and then open it, open it and upload it. Once I upload it the whole encounters folder will it reset or remove any settings and/or Widgets I have?

    if things do fall apart and i have to reinstall my current version will I have lost any settings? will it all go back to Default, ’cause that would make cry! [ to many hours spent and i’m still too new at this]

    will it ever be possiable to just click a link and have it auto unpackage like plugins? or is that to much coding on your end?

    What version is Encounters on, and how can I find out which i’m on [maybe i dont need to update.]
    How can I keep up to date on when you do updates?

    Thanks for the response[s]

    Jorge Lopez

    Oh oh, I went to DOWNLOADS and chose my theme and got this message: You are not authorised to view this resource.”

    so I then went to WordPress Themes [Tab] and clicked on my Theme to download and I i think i might have gotten charged for the theme again. I reciecved an Email thanking me for my Purchase… what to do? please help thanks.

    Sushil Adhikari

    It’s just like updating WordPress…it should not change any settings. Simply upload and replace the current theme files with the new ones and that is all you need to do. What you DO NOT want to do is uninstall the theme and re-install because then there is a chance you would lose your settings and widgets you published.

    Unfortunately the click to update a theme is only possible when you download a theme from the site (from within the WP dashboard), but for third party themes from other places, like mine, it’s done as I described.

    Current Encounters version is 1.7.7

    Because of the changes I made for individual purchased themes, I upgraded you to the Encounters theme membership. You should now have access to the “Downloads” menu link on my site for downloading Encounters.

    Keep up to date by following me on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, but you can also check the Updates section here at Styled Themes (off the main menu).

    Jorge Lopez

    Sorry, i just now saw the “Theme Updates” Section should have read that first as I dont want to waste your time.

    I am still conserend that I was charged for the Theme download.

    But I have to ask, on that page you state “ Also note that if you made any modifications to theme files, they will be lost from being overwritten with the new files.

    are those the coded files or the changes I made from within the themes settings. Like the colors, image placements, ad widget placments?

    also I’m using the Child Theme so does updating the Encounters Folder update that on its own or do I have to some how update the Child theme too?

    Thanks again.

    Jorge Lopez

    any chance you’ve made a video on how to do this? I just really dont feel comfortable doing it

    Sushil Adhikari

    No worries, you were not charged.
    The note you put in red is only if you made changes to the Encounters theme files themselves will be lost. The theme option settings would not be lost. Also, if you are using the child theme, this won’t get affected. You won’t be updating the child theme, just the parent theme only “Encounters”.

    If you are nervous about the update, you may want to look at installing a WP backup plugin or use the VaultPress service (from the makers of WordPress) to backup and make regular backups of your site and database. So whenever you update WordPRess, or plugins, or themes, you can feel better knowing you have a backup.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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