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    Hi. I would like no colored area around my banner image on the main page of netrpimnepravdu.rs. Like in the demo site, white above the banner image and breadcrumbs wrapper directly below the image. Now I have header image on the top of the banner image and below is some other wrapper, I don’t know. How to do this?

    Also, I have a strange issue with fonts which happens only when am logged in the WP. Size of latin font gets unrealistically enlarged and some letters look like they belong to another font. With Cyrillic font its even worse: text receives strong argument when it shouldn’t and main menu links, well you can see from the attachjment

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    Sushil Adhikari

    The area around your banner is a result of the

    tag wrapping your image:


    What is happening is that it’s inheriting the standard paragraph margins from the theme of 1.250em on the top and bottom. If you do not have access to that code to remove the

    tag wrapper, then you will need to do some custom CSS to apply a 0 pixel top and bottom margin on it.

    Regarding fonts…fonts can be very annoying and sometimes complicated when working with a different language because some if not many fonts may not be fully compatible for some languages. This generally means you have to change the font to something else that supports your language. The theme uses Open Sans for it’s main font, so this could be part of the issue. One option would be to change the font family to something like Arial (windows) and Helvetica (MAC) and see if that helps.


    Ok, the issue with fonts I managed to solve (I think) by installing WP Google fonts plugin and setting it to use PT Sans. I also had to enter custom CSS settings into plugin to force PT Sans also for site title as by default site title was very quickly loading 2 different fonts during F5. Fonts font that came with the theme didn’t display properly, even after updating them with versions which definitely support Unicode.

    Regarding other issue with banner, I must admit I didn’t understand where to look for

    tag wrapper I am suppose to remove?

    On a unrelated issue, can you please also tell me how to force content bottom widgets, 4 of them to line up next to each other on lower resolutions? For instance if I look at the main page on a mobile device, below 1000px width, content bottom widgets line up above each other instead next to each other, although there is space for this.

    Sushil Adhikari

    Regarding the banner, the

    tag I am assuming based on the class it has “simple-image” is a plugin you used? If so, then it probably puts that in and does not give you the flexibility to customize that. To be honest, it’s better to use a text widget and use basic HTML to load your image in that using an tag. That would solve that issue of the

    being there.

    For your other question… now you are really getting into more complex customization. Unless you are comfortable with CSS and Media Queries for responsive changes, you may not want to jump into that. The other issue is that this would require digging into the core files of the theme to add an extra class. What I could do on the next theme update is add this coding in which would change from say 4 widgets side by side to 2 on tablet screens and then on phones it changes to 1 widget when displayed vertically.


    Yes, I do have Simple Image Widget plugin activated. Thanks, it is much clearer now. I never connected the issue with an actual plugin. Now that I know what the issue is, I expect to find a way around it.

    Also, I think it would be great if you could made proposed update to content bottom widgets, but also to widget area in Bottom 1,2,3,4. It’s behaving in the same manner on many mobile devices. I do have another suggestion: please place “edit” button at the top of the page in all your themes. It’s just more comfortable to editors having it at the top than having to scroll potentially long pages to click edit in the every bottom of the page.

    I do have couple of more issues I want to ask for your help here (while we are hard at work and don’t find it necessary to start new topics):

    1. I did follow this guide https://www.styledthemes.com/circumference-setup/201-setting-up-your-logo-options in order to set up my own logo along with title and site headline. However, the guide is not working for me. When I upload 300×300 dpi for instance large logo it’s not being scaled to size to which original default logo gets scaled, I think it’s 57x57dpi on my 23″ monitor. Original theme logo is 300×300 dpi also but is behaving in different manner, it gets scaled to size. I uploaded my logo temporarily for you to see what I get. It’s too large.

    2. How do I remove author name from posts? I know how to do this on all other themes but for some reason, I haven’t managed to find the code.

    3. On you other themes, on this site in question I previously used Celestial, and if I wanted to reduce white spaces between elements I worked with padding values expressed in px and em and such. Now when I inspect the code with Firefox’s Firebug plugin instead of px and em I get “box-sizing: border-box”. What is this and how to reduce px if there is no value?

    Sushil Adhikari

    The idea for the reduced widget groups to not instantly go to single vertical view on an update would be done for each widget group in the theme, the top, bottom, etc.

    As a side note for your other topics…it’s best to post them as new topics so it makes it easier for others to find topics related to what they are looking for.

    For your logo question, I need a link to your site.

    To hide the author, you need to look at the container it’s in and then do a custom CSS to “display: none;” on it. The class on the author container is “author”

    For your 3rd one… ignore the box-sizing…look for the div container(s) the content is in because any container that has spacing you want to reduce will generally have a margin or padding in it.


    Same site I asked you about in the first post: netrpimnepravdu.rs

    Sushil Adhikari

    For this one as the tutorial states (although I should probably rewrite it) to keep the logo to a reasonable size, which I meant to fit in the area, not to make it a big image. I tried your logo in my browser using my webmaster tools and made your logo 75×75 which looked pretty good actually. Best to size your logo to that or close to it and then upload it.


    I was obviously under wrong impression logo would resize like the default one. I’ll just reduce it than. Thanks.

    Regarding the issue with hiding the author from posts, since am use to Preference and Celestial themes am also use to just deleting the line regarding the author name from content-single.php but keeping the code for post date.
    With Circumference this is obviously not possible as deleting also deletes “posted on” data, i.e. date.
    So, how do I keep the post date and delete author name but also, how do I translate the sentence “posted on” into Serbian like I did that in footer? http://www.netrpimnepravdu.rs/700-zahteva-za-besplatnom-pravnom-pomoci-za-godinu-dana/

    Sushil Adhikari

    One of the reasons why I think I should rewrite the tutorial because saying reasonable size sounds like make it big enough.

    You can delete the whole meta info line on Circumference if you wish. Just do CSS
    .entry-meta {display: none;}

    or for the author:

    .byline {display:none}

    Translating you will need to use a program like PoEdit (which I used to create the theme’s .pot language file. Then you can go in and translate or change any string to what you want…and anything else in the theme as well. Might want to check out this as a starting point:



    Didn’t occur to me to use .byline {display:none} in style.css. Thanks. Managed to do it. Habits. In older themes I would just edit each php. THis is much more efficient as I only have to change one thing instead of making child content.php, content-single.php, etc.

    Didn’t use PoEdit before but will try. Maybe its better if I translate everything instead of copying .php files to child theme and doing the translation there.

    Will start a new topic next time. You are right, plenty of useful things for others.


    Btw, I just noticed “Hide Title” plugin doesn’t always work as it should. On IE 11 this is noticeable (some times, not always) during F5 refresh. Title briefly loads but quickly dessapears. Inconvenience for title pages. Not your plugin but thought you should know.

    Sushil Adhikari

    Thanks… you may want to post that to the developer on the plugin’s page under their support because that is something that should be working for IE 11 at least.

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