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    I have a couple of advertising banners that I want to show at the bottom of single posts and pages (not in the coloured footer areas).

    I thought the “inset bottom” widget area would be the place to do that – but I’ve put my text widgets there, and nothing shows up on either posts or pages?

    Sushil Adhikari

    You will want to make sure the page this will be on is using one of the “Front Page” templates (which can be used elsewhere) because these ones have those extra widget positions:


    You will want to also watch this video as well:

    (sorry about the low audio…I will be making new videos soon)


    Not to worry about the video. For reasons too long to explain, I’m on a very slow connection so I always groan when I see tutorials in video form – I can rarely view them!

    Just looking at that widget layout page – it shows the “content bottom 1” widgets as NOT on a coloured background, but the description on the Widgets page say they’re in the coloured section. Which is correct?

    Sushil Adhikari

    Content Bottom is actually in the white area of the content area. The bottom ones are the coloured background…my mistake on the description. So just as you see on the demo site’s widget layout, that is the more accurate layout of widgets.

    Regarding videos…starting with my next theme, I will be doing each tutorial with written instructions as well as a video for those wanting one or the other.


    They’re not working in the “Content Bottom” widgets either, but I think that may be because they’re banners (468 wide) which means they’re too wide for those widgets.

    If I change my blog posts to ‘front page” format, will that cause any problems?

    Sushil Adhikari

    I’m about to call it a night here, but could you post the content of one of your widgets that you are trying to post in the Content Bottom, and first thing in the morning, I will test this out. Size of the image won’t be an issue because the theme is responsive, so the image would just be resized to fit the container.

    Also, what page template are you using for your page?


    It’s the default template and this is the code (in a text widget):

    Royalty Free Images

    I just tried pasting it on a single post and it works, but it won’t appear if I put it in any of the top or bottom widgets, or even in the “call to action”

    Sushil Adhikari

    I’m about to try this out but as I mentioned earlier, did you use the “Front Page” templates (any of them)? These are the ones that has the extra widget positions such as Top, Content Bottom, Call to Action, etc. The other page templates that are not designated with “Front Page” in the name will only have the very bottom, left and or right sidebars.

    **The naming of my page templates might be a bit confusing, sorry about that. The Front Page templates can be used for inner pages as well, not just for the front page.


    Oops sorry I forgot about that. No, I didn’t have them set to “front page”. I’m sure that’s why it’s not working!

    Yes the name of the template is confusing. I immediately assumed the front page template had some special markup indicating it was the “home” page, so I was reluctant to use it anywhere else. I know it’s silly, but even knowing it’s OK to use, I still feel hesitant to change all my posts to a template called “front page” – seems wrong somehow!

    It would also help if the widgets had a description saying they worked on that template only.

    I’ve just realised there’s no way to change the template for my posts other than to edit them all individually. Will it work if I make a copy of singlepost.php in my child theme and paste the code for the ad into it directly?

    Sushil Adhikari

    Now for the bad news… for the “blog” part of a website, those templates are not part of the blog layouts. How WordPress works is that when you set a page to be your blog posts, it will ignore any template set. Honestly, many have complained to WP that it would be great to make it so you can select a template for the blog. To get a blog layout, these have to be coded by the theme developer separately. So for Encounters, you get a left column (sidebar) layout and a right column layout only. But I did not include the extra widget positions for the blog layout, only for page templates. Really doesn’t look right with a bunch of widgets and content surrounding a blog.

    However, there is a way you can put those extra widget positions into the blog layout…but it really wasn’t meant to be done. If you open the index.php, you will see these two containers at the top:

    Between those, you would put any of the extra widget positions (the code) there. You can find these in the frontpage-right-column.php template file that look like this:

    Further down that template file are a couple more widget positions, for example:

    Note of where they are between the closing tags and they should match where you put them in the index.php file.

    Definitely child theme for all this.

    Now…just to let you know, having these widget positions will not look good in your blog section of your site, but if you want to have these, that is how it would be done. This will also affect the full post view (when someone clicks on Read More (Continue Reading), etc. Those widget positions will exist there too. So again, I would recommend you rethink this one.


    Sorry, I’m a bit confused by the terminology.

    I don’t really use WordPress as a blog. On each of my dance sites I use “posts” to offer informational articles on that style of dance, then I use “pages” to showcase relevant products (I’m an eBay affiliate). So when I say “blog” I was referring to the “posts” section. On my old layout, I had a couple of 468 x 60 banners at the end of each article, and I think they looked fine (and they got clicked). I don’t think they would look good in the bottom, coloured section and I need the sidebar for my menus.

    Sushil Adhikari

    OK, now I’m confused myself…but if you need those widget positions added to the “blog” part of your site, it’s exactly as I mentioned above because the blog section of my theme for any website only has the bottom widgets (in the coloured background), a left and right sidebar, plus the banner option at the top. For actual pages, this isn’t a problem because you would simply select the Front Page with the Right sidebar column (or any of the others). For the blog section where you do posts, this is the index.php file I mentioned in the previous post.

    In the frontpage-right-column.php file, you can bring over any of these:


    These are above the main content and have the white page background. So any of these you would put in the index.php file (preferably in a child theme).

    Or the bottom:


    I think we may still be talking at cross purposes. I’m talking about making an ad appear directly below the content on a single post or a single page. I don’t care whether it appears on archive pages or on a “blog” page (ie. a list of posts). It doesn’t even matter if it’s not a widget because I won’t be changing it – I’d be happy to paste the ad code directly into the template. Is your solution talking about the same thing?

    I think the main point I’m trying to make is that not everyone uses the “posts” as a blog – people use WordPress in many different ways nowadays – and it’s quite common to use “posts” as the main content, because of the fact you can use categories and tags with them. In my case, it’s a bit disappointing to find a blog with so many widget options, then find I can use them on only ONE page in one of my websites!

    You’ve given me the solution, but it just seems like it shouldn’t be necessary to ask. Perhaps making a decision on where widgets should and shouldn’t be allowed is something you should leave to your users, rather than assume that “posts” MUST be a blog and therefore can only have one sidebar and a coloured footer?

    Sushil Adhikari

    I can understand your frustration but at the same time, most blogs do not have a page loaded with widgets all over; they are usually limited to left and/or right sidebars, a bottom group, and usually a header or banner area at the top. For the most part, posts are “blog” oriented and anything else is “page” oriented. Posts are dated sequential articles, a type of Journal if you will.

    The pages for this theme offer several page templates and a set of templates that offers more widget positions than the other standard group. However, the “blog” itself is limited for the purpose of simply blogging articles and therefore I limited the widget positions to the basic common ones (left or right sidebar, bottom, and the showcase banner at the top).

    How I described the above brief instructions is how you can add more widget positions to the “blog” part of the theme that are normally reserved for the “pages” only. If you want to display a banner below the content, then the last part would apply to you, either with one of the two positions:


    The Encounters theme is from last year and how it was coded is how it was coded. As I develop each new theme, I always try to improve on each one and feedback from users plays an important role in how new themes are developed. My next theme coming up does have some extra widget positions for the blog, but it won’t be a massive grid of positions that normally are used for pages. It does contain a position for above the content as well as below.

    Sushil Adhikari

    Tell you what I will do… I will do another update of Encounters and code in a special Inset position at the top and bottom of the blog part of the theme. So nothing for you to code or modify. I will do that once I get back in the door later. I will make it an added feature.

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