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    I’m having an issue when I try to implement the list gallery, primarily when lightbox opens up an image.

    The following image is a screenshot of what I’m seeing when I open an image. Notice how the navigation bar is above the image.

    What can I do about this?

    On a semi-related note:
    Since this wasn’t working properly, I tried to use the standard gallery to post these photos and am having an issue with that as well.

    The two issues are:
    1) When an image is clicked from the gallery view and opens up in its own screen, the image is aligned to the far left instead of being centered. I’m assuming this is a simple fix but I’d like to hear from you whether or not this was intentional or there is something wrong with my installation.
    2) The “Next” and “Previous” buttons that show up at the bottom of the page when a photo is clicked from the gallery don’t seem to work correctly. When I select the first photo in the gallery, “Previous” shows up, but not “Next”. and when I select the last image in the gallery, “Next” shows up but not “Previous”

    I’d really like to get the spotlight/lightbox thing working more than anything but I still would like to figure out a good way to fix the regular gallery in case I decide to switch to it in the future.

    Thanks for the help!

    Sushil Adhikari

    ah… easy fix actually. I made a note to add this to my next theme update for Preference. If you open the header.php file and look for the “nav-wrapper” container, you will see an inline style for z-index: 9999; Change the 9999 to 99. I just tried this in the Chrome browser and it solved the issue.

    For the other issues:

    1. That is a browser window that opens and default is aligned left.
    2. Generally if there is no “next” photo, it won’t show in the page, likewise, if there’s no previous image, it won’t show.

    I also noticed you are on Preference Lite 1.4.5, which is now 1.4.6…. which I just realized solves that z-index issue.


    Thanks so much for the prompt response. It’s greatly appreciated. I’ll go ahead and make the necessary changes to the z-index.

    As for the other issues I was having, I’d like to address your responses for some clarity on both of our ends.

    The easy one: You said you noticed that I am on Preference Lite 1.4.5. This is confusing since I installed Preference Pro (downloaded from the site after purchasing and logging in). I installed this on my server and then also uploaded the Preference Child (you link to that in your tutorial page) and installed and activated that. According to the WordPress Dashboard, I have Preference Pro 1.4.5 installed on my server and I have Preference Child activated. I’m sorry if I’m missing something, but I can’t seem to find out how to update to 1.4.6 or why you are seeing that I am using the Lite version. Please let me know what I’m doing wrong/missing.

    Now, the longer issue:

    Please bear with me on this, but I’m going to link to a few more images to make this easier to explain.

    You could also, for the time being, go to http://testsite1.searium.com/test-gallery/ to test this yourself if it’s easier.

    This is the look of the gallery:

    When I click the top left image, this is what I am presented with:
    Notice that both Previous and Next buttons are absent.

    Now, going back to the gallery and clicking the image on the top row, 2nd from left, I’m presented with the following:
    In this image presentation, there is a Previous button, but not a Next button. Clicking this Previous button doesn’t take me back to the “previous” image it actually takes me forward to the next image (top row, 3rd from the left)

    Again going back to the gallery, I select the image on the bottom left (bottom row, 4th from the left), this is what I get:
    This, being the last image in the gallery (if we’re considering that most people will view it from left to right, top to bottom) should only have a Previous button and not a Next button but it in fact has both being displayed. Now, clicking these buttons results in some strange behavior as well. Clicking Next, takes me to the “previous” image, bottom row, 3rd from the left. Clicking the Previous button takes me to this http://i.imgur.com/t52zXEQ.jpg which is a photo that I uploaded to my media library but did not actually include in this gallery. This is a pretty big cause for concern that someone would be able to inadvertently access a photo that I intentionally did not include on the gallery.

    So… please help me try to either fix this or at least understand what is going on. I’d really like to be able to have a choice in the type of gallery I use and as it stands I can’t use this method.

    Thanks in advance for reading my long winded spiel. I appreciate your help on this.

    Sushil Adhikari

    wow…now that is a big post. Anyway, nevermind about the version, my mix-up. However, to update themes that are not from the wordpress.org site, you have to manually upload the theme files (unzip them first) to replace the existing ones.

    I went to your link but it’s not being found…did you remove it?

    Centering the image in the viewing page…not sure why that is not centering because it does on the demo site. However, I will need to fix this bug. A temporary fix would be to add this css:

    .entry-attachment img {
    	margin: 0 auto 15px;

    As for the gallery navigation… took some time but I discovered there’s a bug with WordPress. On my testing, I start with the top row left and then view the first image then navigate through. When I get to the second row, image 3, the “next” menu disappears even though there’s still one more to go. I then decided to test this on the default WP theme Twenty Twelve and sure enough, it happens there too. So that means there’s something buggy with WordPress. I will have to post this in their forums…..long story short, I have no solution for you right now.


    Again, much thanks to you for your help. Last thing I’ll bother you with… For the life of me, I cannot find where the 1.4.6 update is. I looked on the Updates page and am only seeing an announcement for 1.4.5 (which is the version that I downloaded from the Download Themes page) I realize that I can’t update via WordPress directly, I’m just looking for where I can download the zip file for 1.4.6.

    Also, in case you wanted to further investigate the gallery issue, that page that I linked is still up and working. Not sure why you couldn’t access it on your end at the time.

    Sushil Adhikari

    I haven’t updated the update page on my site…. I know, sounds strange. I’m just finishing up on a brand new Styled Themes website and decided to hold off. However, if the version on the download is only 1.4.5, then I need to fix that. I will upload it with a couple new fixes later today. The download will be done from the original download link that you got when you purchased the theme….or if you got the theme membership, then it will be from the Download Themes menu link.

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