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    Aki Christina

    1) The “Read More Text on Hover” does not accept the chosen color and stays on white

    Customization via child-theme:

    Can you help me with this?
    1) I want the widget links in the sidebar to have a different color than the content links.
    Witch class is related?
    2) The header should get a border but neither #maxhead {border: 4px solid #fff} nor .header-box {border: 4px solid #ff } does any change
    3) I would love to have the copyright in the footer with a color behind the text. The copyright code is in the footer.php
    3.1) How do I make a child footer.php? Just copy the original one in the childtheme folder?
    3.2) Where do I find the related css
    4) The padding of the text has gone … what might have happened? See screenshots
    The excerpt is ok, but when getting on the page of the article there is no space. When adding an article picture the picture has the space but not the text. (Yes picture on screenshot is huge 🙂 )
    5) what is the right class for the background-color of the submenu?

    Do we have a category Theme Bugs?

    Thank you and sorry for all these questions.

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    Aki Christina


    Answer to question 1)

    Add this to the child-theme (color is only example)

    #left-sidebar a,
    #right-sidebar a {
    #left-sidebar a:hover,
    #right-sidebar a:hover{

    Answer to question 3.2:
    Around line 498:

    #footer-content p {
    	font-size: 0.688rem;

    add this to the child theme:

    #footer-content p {

    No extra child-footer.php needed for that.

    Shekhar Bhandari

    Hi Aka,

    We are going through your queries btw can you send the link of your site that you are working. So we could find out the best possible solution for you.


    Aki Christina

    Yes, dear Ones. But right now I am on small Easter-holidays and switched my brain off.
    I send you the link as soon as I am back

    A great weekend

    Shekhar Bhandari

    Hi Aki Christiana,

    Happy Easter to you too 🙂


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