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    Jorge Lopez

    I must have some how removed the Showcase image. Would you mind telling me where I need to go to place it back in?

    Also if I would rather just place an image as my main “BANNER Image” on my Home Page, can I? just by placing in the image with a text widget?
    Thank you.

    Sushil Adhikari

    I’m going to guess you are referring to the one with the model that was on the front page? If you go to Appearance >> Header >> then on the page if it’s now showing there, a button on the page labeled as “Restore Original Image” will do that. You can also use your own image by uploading it and replace the placeholder image of the model. This is coded to only show on the front page.

    Jorge Lopez

    I tried that ealier and uploaded my own image [with the same sizes that you recommended 1170w] but it doesn’t show up on my Homepage.
    Nor does the banner…

    I really don’t want to have the banner around the image, just the Image itself flush across the homepage [ like you showed with the GoolgeMaps on the Contact page video]

    How can I do that? is there some code that I would need to put into some widget and drop into the BANNER HEADER widget?
    [ I do know where to get the link to the image once I upload it to my Media, just don’t know how to make it show up with the widget.]
    Thanks again for your replies. there very helpful!

    Sushil Adhikari

    I’m going to guess you are using the Advanced Text widget to load something in the showcase banner area somewhere else in the site? If so, I know what the issue is.

    Jorge Lopez

    the only Adv Text Widget I have is in the Banner Header Widget and that is the “Contact Map”

    But I don’t have anything in the Showcase Header. Is that where it was before? I might have removed it without knowing and realizing it. But as it stands I have nothing in my Showcase Header Widget.

    Sushil Adhikari

    Long story short, the Advanced Text Widget is causing some problems and affecting other pages making them think there’s a banner there when there isn’t. I also recently found out the developer of that plugin has not kept this plugin up to date. I will be updating all this information when I start rewriting and redoing the tutorials for Encounters.

    The solution is this quick crash course until I get to updating the tutorials:

    Install a plugin called “Dynamic Widgets“. Then, watch this video for Celestial Reloaded, which will show you how to use it.
    How to Show Widgets on Specific Pages

    Install a plugin called “Remove Widget Titles” and activate it.

    The Advanced Text widget you are using for the contact map, change that out for the default Text Widget and add your map shortcode to it. After you added your shortcode, put an exclamation mark ! right in front of your widget title. That Remove Widget Titles plugin will hide the title from the front end of the site.

    If you run into any problems with the above, let me know and I will be happy to log into your dashboard and get that setup for you.

    Jorge Lopez

    Thanks for the info

    I have both those Widgets per your other vids and have used them already where needed.

    I’m gonna watch the video link that you have sent me and see if I can find the fix to my problem.

    In the mean time do you mind taking a look at my dashboard I’m having an issues finding [ a Heading image on my Homepage]
    I’ve checked all the
    -Top widgets
    -Theme Customize section &
    – the Edit Page Section of the Homepage text area

    …heres the link
    you’ll see a microphone image with “Heading” under it, iwant to remove that… i’m guessing its something I put in a widget somewhere but i have opened up all of them and its not there.


    Sushil Adhikari

    That tutorial above I gave will solve the lost header image if that is what you are referring to?

    Jorge Lopez

    yea, it did thanks!

    do you mind lookin at my page and giving me an idea at where I might have that “Mic” image that shows up out of place?

    Sushil Adhikari

    Congrats on getting things fixed…..as for your question, you have that mic image in a text widget in the Banner widget position. If that is supposed to be on a different page, this is where you can now use that dynamic widgets plugin to set the page for it to be on.

    By the way, I went through your site….good job :cheer:

    Jorge Lopez

    Awesome, Thanks! couldn’t have done it without you, sorry to bug so much on a saturday… lol

    but, no that image is not supposed to be on any page other then on the homepage. But some how it has gotten lost there. so error in code somewhere.
    cause I have checked.
    I have my HOMEPAGE set to [template] FRONT PAGE FULL WIDTH
    and I do not have that image in the Text area
    – and have Nothing in my [widgets under]
    – Showcase headder
    – Banner Header
    – Top 1 [which is weird, cause i should have TEXT widget in there for the 1st image with the needle & record]
    – Content Top 1 – 4
    or – Inset Top

    so if the code is not in any of those areas, why is it showing up?

    Sushil Adhikari

    It’s past midnight here for me, so I will follow up tomorrow. I may need access to your dashboard, which I would need you to send me a login for it. If you do, please contact me from the support page’s Email Support link with that info (don’t post it here in the forum).

    Sushil Adhikari

    OK, the next day now and I’m awake B)
    Anyway, regarding your image and where it is, I looked at the source code of your page and sure enough, it’s in a text widget in the banner header position.

    Jorge Lopez

    Hey there, thanks for replying. After much looking around I remembered that I watched and practiced BOTH your videos on having the image BOXES for the home page and since I did both the GROUP one and the video on having eac one in its own widget.

    So the ‘hidden’ code I couldn’t find was sitting in Top 2 & Top 3 widgets… anyway I just deleted those and it disappered… What was weird to me after the fact was that the containts on Top 3 was never displayed on the homepage…? doesnt matter.

    Sushil Adhikari

    lol… I’m kinda of lost on that last part. But what I can say is that if the image is now gone as you wanted, that is the part that is important 🙂

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