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    I already figured out how to make a menu item link to another website. But now I would like it to show up in the main menu as a button (flag) rather than words. Is this possible at all?

    It would be a flag to signal to readers that the language could be switched.

    Sushil Adhikari

    The only way would be to get creative with css…you would have to target that particular menu item ID, then make a button style for it. But please note that creates a problem then for the mobile menu view and probably would not look good. You also have the issue of the text still being there…ultimately, I don’t think it would really be an easy task.


    Thanks for your advice. I have attached a screenshot to explain what I would like to do. It would be great if an icon could be placed on the top right (shown by the purple circle). I don’t like how the menu item is listed on a second line below the regular menu. I would ideally like to keep it to one line of menu. So instead of saying the words “Russian version” in Russian it would be great if I could insert a small flag icon.

    Please let me know if this is possible with this theme.

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    Sushil Adhikari

    it could be done, but would still require custom coding. I could do that for you but it would become billable time to create something for you. If so, please contact me via email (contact form). It would take me about 1 hour…you would have to remind of me if you are using the theme or the child theme.


    Thanks, I just sent you an e-mail. I am using the latest version of Encounters, the child theme.

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